Frequently asked questions

When will my driveway be cleared by?

We try to keep our tractor routes 4-6 hour long, if the snow stops at midnight, we should be finishing up well before anyone is getting up to go to work, but if the snow stops at 6 am, we won't be beginning our routes until then. Keeping our driveways clean, and our routes quick and efficient is our top priority. But at the end of the day we have no control over when the snow starts, stops, or how much we get.

Can I leave a car parked in my driveway?

Yes, you can it is your driveway and we are just here to keep it clear for you. However, our tractors are around 8 feet wide and 12 feet long. We will only be able to clear what we can reach with our tractors if there is a car in your driveway. We reccomend parking as close to the garage door as possible and off to one side so we can clear as much as we can. If a car is parked in the middle and towards the street there will not be much we can clear. We do post on our facebook page when we are going out to clear snow and what triggers have been met, to keep you informed. If you move the car later and want us to come back to clear the snow where it was blocking, we will but there will be an additional charge for that.

Will you shovel up to my garage door?

With our basic driveway plans we stay 1-2 feet away from the garage door. For us to shovel against your garage door you can add the city sidewalk, and detail plans *for 1" trigger only.

When will the driveway markers be installed and taken out?

We start putting markers up end of October, and we remove them begining of April. Please do not throw our markers away, if you take them down yourself please set them next to your garage and we will pick them up. Also, if you remove them early and we get a late snowfall, we will be unable to service your home without markers up.

Can I have flowerpots in my driveway?

Not if you like them! Please don't have anything like flowerpots, extension cords, downspouts in your driveway, once they are covered in snow it is impossible for our drivers to see them, and we do not take responsibility for damage to such items.

How do I know if my trigger has been met?

We are constantly monitoring conditions in the winter, checking in the middle of the night, measuring snowfall amounts in different areas of town. If a trigger has been met we post a plan of action on our facebook page letting everyone know when we are going out if we are waiting for wind/more snow ect.

Do you have Insurance?

Yes, We are, we have a $2,000,000 Insurance policy, and take our role as professionals very seriously. We are not a "chuck with a truck" company, we have been in business for 10 years, employ 6 full time workers, and plan on being here for many years to come.

Will your tractors damage my driveway?

Our tractors weigh less than most pick up trucks, and our snowblowers have plastic cutting edges to prevent damage to driveway surfaces. Damage is not a concern for your driveway.

Will you salt my driveway?

De-Icing is not part of our snow insurance contract, however in the event of freezing rain, or a ice event, feel free to contact our office and we can salt your home for an additional charge.

What if it snows before Nov 1 or after April 15th?

That is out of scope of our contract, and in our experience before or after these times, the ground is so warm that any snow accumulation melts quickly. Also because the ground is so warm damage to grass is almost guarenteed if we were to try to remove your snow, so it is best to just let it melt.

What if the wind blows / snow falls off my roof.

Our policy covers new snowfall only, we can come do touch up work for these conditions, but there will be an additional charge.

Where do you service?

We service within Bismarck/Mandan City Limits

Will you come during a storm?

We wait until snowfall has stopped, and winds have calmed before we begin our routes, for the safety of our operators, you, and the public.

Do small snows add up to equal a trigger amount?

Triggers must be met with 1 event, I.E. If it snowed 1 inch once a week for 4 weeks our 4 inch trigger would not be met. It must snow 4 inches in one event.

What if my driveway is 400' long or my single garage driveway is 40' wide?

A triple car driveway is defined as you can park 3 cars side by side, a double 2 cars wide and a single 1 car wide. And Driveway Length is not taken into consideration unless it is more than 4 cars long. Anything outside of these specs contact us for a custom quote!

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